Riding the best electric bikes in the world in Seal Beach


Pedego Electric Bikes offer a comfortable yet exciting twist on the bicycle experience. Electric bicycles help you conquer hills and make headwinds a breeze, as you zip along while enjoying the scenery. We have a variety of models, all boasting powerful Pedego electric motors and state-of-the-art lithium ion batteries. Pedego electric bikes are built with quality components backed by the company’s famous gold-standard warranty. And high quality is only the beginning. Pedego is famous for thoughtful engineering and chic styling. The Pedego company supplies us with models developed carefully, each keeping to their rule that the rider is the most important part.

Pedego Comfort Cruisers and Interceptors operate like regular beach cruisers, complete with seven gears. Then with a simple turn of the throttle or automatic pedal assist, your bike springs to life, putting you in control of your exercise and helping you feel like a kid again. Yet, learning to ride one is easy! If you can ride a bicycle, you can ride a Pedego.

Visit our products page to see the many different models that offer so much to riders. Or give us a call at (562) 296-5782 to discuss the Perfect Pedego for you. Even better, stop by to learn firsthand why Pedego builds the best electric bikes in the world.