Brian Ballard, Diabetes & Electric Biking Expert

Brian was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 1974, and he faced the challenge of finding safe and appropriate exercise for years. Standard pedal bikes proved too hazardous, as the exertion lowered his blood sugar dangerously. So, he and Beth found their way to electric bikes. Once Brian test rode a Pedego electric bike, he knew he’d found the answer. On a Pedego, he’s able to control his workout and manage his blood sugar while getting the exercise he needs.

And riding a Pedego makes exercise fun — a great motivator for anyone, but especially for diabetics who must put in some extra effort to stay safe on the bike path. Over the past few years, Brian has gone from barely pedaling a mile on a standard bicycle to riding 25 miles on a Pedego. He has learned how to plan for a ride, what to wear, what to pack and what to expect. Here, Brian and the GLB team share stories, information, pictures and more to help our diabetic friends discover the joys of electric bikes, controlled exercise and a life of adventure. Get ready to hop off that couch and say, “Hello, fun!”

If you’re a diabetic, and you want to gain more control over your exercise, speak with Brian. Call him at (652)296-5782 or email

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Exercise While Traveling Too

We all know the benefits of exercise for diabetics (and everyone else). Why not incorporate that into your vacation plans? If you’re planning to travel overseas, remember that Pedego bikes are available for rent (“hire”) and tours in several choice locations. For example, we’ve researched a really cool tour company in Dublin, Ireland, where fun, adventure and exercise all go together.

Check out Lazy Bike Tours in Dublin. And be sure to tell them we sent you!