Authentic Adventures! Hello, Travel!

We’re proud to report that the GLB POG (Pedego Owners Group) is among the most active POGs in the world. We’re having so much fun together that we’ve dubbed ourselves the “Wild POGs” — after the Harley group in the movie of the same name. We ride together a lot. We have lunch together. And we sometimes have parties together. And one really FUN thing we do is travel together. Some trips are planned. Some are green-lighted. And some are being discussed for the future. We love Rail Trails, and seek out the most scenic, relaxing rides away from cars that take us on a new adventure together.

We’re very fortunate that some members of our POG chapter are longtime roadies who “graduated” to Pedego bikes. They have been professionally guiding 5th graders and their parents on long-distance rides for about 20 years, and now they’re working with us to present some of the most awesome Pedego group rides ever. They will truck our bikes out to these fabulous destinations and then guide us on the trails. Each night, we stay in a motel or B&B that has been prearranged by the guides.

During our recent ride on the GAP (see below), we came up with the name “Authentic Adventures.” This name fits, because they’re real. You go to real bike paths for a true-life adventure that’s fun, educational and exciting. Sure, it’s nice to take a manicured short ‘n sweet tour. That’s a lot like an amusement park ride. And who doesn’t like those? But a lot of us are seeking something bigger and more … well, authentic. For that, Pedego GLB is the only Pedego store in the nation that offers the following:

  • The GAP Ride. We fly into Pittsburgh and the next day we hop on our bikes for a 10-day ride along the Great Allegheny Passage and the C&O Towpath to the Washington D.C. area. This Pedego cruise is relaxing, social, educational, interesting and most of all … FUN!
  • The Katy Trail. This one starts near St. Louis and rides on the famous Katy Rail Trail almost all the way to Kansas City. Taking place in August. Sign-ups will start soon for this amazing ride. Yes, it will be summer. That’s why one day will be devoted to a lazy river rafting expedition. Cool water and fun times, with interesting towns along the path. So much FUN!
  • Monterey & More. Taking place this October! Our bikes will be trucked to Monterey while we ride up together. That night, we’ll party together in Monteresy. The next day, We will enjoy a guided ride on the famous Monterey Multi-use path. We’re staying at Asilomar to make this a truly memorable long weekend.
  • Cape Cod. What an adventure! Gorgeous Atlantic Ocean scenery along assorted bike paths and the Cape Cod Rail Trail that travels through quaint seaside villages. Beth’s favorite dream ride!
  • The Eerie Canal. A fabulous bike path is being extended in New York, and we want to ride it when the work is done. We’ll keep you posted with updates on the trail and our plans to go.
  • More trips and links to come soon. We’re so excited to introduce travel with your own Pedego!

For more information on travel with the Wild POGs, and how to join us, call Beth at (562)296-5782 or follow us on Facebook.